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Extra Quality Biblioteca Pleyades Libros Pdf Download

Biblioteca Pleyades Libros Pdf Download
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rea "Atlas Geogrfico/Mapa Mundi/Mapas Varios .
THE BOOK OF THE SECOND SEA: Ortimas de ese tiempo.
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But its worth touching on a topic that I dont particularly like, and not only me, but in general everyone in the South Caucasus. This one: "Language is an imposed reality." That is, people, somewhere in the centuries, interact with the language, which in this culture is the basis of life. The language of this culture is the basis of ideas, rules of conduct, beliefs, etc.
Exactly the same as in the case of life itself.
Simple analogy. All people from early childhood are faced with the language - in kindergarten, at school, etc.
We all, one way or another, know something, use something.
And what we know - we honestly admit. For example, we all know English, but we already know that this language is a CONSUMER language, to which there can be no complaints, and even more so - love and respect. It is a language political, economic, informational
But, nevertheless, the rules and principles according to which it exists do exist.
By the way, politics and economics also have rules and laws according to which they exist. And only language - we are not. In laws - we do not even suspect that they exist, we do not even see them.
We don't have a language that we think we speak.
True, unlike language - the rules and norms that it feeds on - we constantly see. It is a SYSTEM of views, values and rules.
It's not us that are so smart, it's the SYSTEMS that are.
And all peoples at different times, just like people in "Equatorial Africa", "Scandinavia", "Mediterranean", etc. were also RIGHT about this.
But time goes by and the rules change.
They change because both people and SYSTEMS change.
Some of them become stronger and more effective, others become weaker and ineffective. f02ee7bd2b